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PCR testing and the viruses

I received an email yesterday asking some questions about the PCR test. Considering that visitors to the blog may also find my answers useful, I share my responses here.


Dear …:

Answers to your questions may be found in one of my blog articles (link). Please consider reading it. For further clarity, I am providing answers to the questions below as well (in red letterings). I hope you will find the answers helpful.

Q: “If a SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been isolated, when the PCR test comes back positive, what has it positively identified?”
The PCR does not test for viruses, i.e., it is not a test for viruses. A PCR test determines the presence of PRESUMED (imagined) RNA or DNA. Therefore, as the viruses have never been isolated, the authenticity of their association to a specific RNA/DNA cannot be established.

A positive PCR test shows the presence of some RNA/DNA from an unknown source. It could be from many sources, including sometimes claimed to be from healthy subjects. A positive PCR test (often considered as “case”) has no scientific meaning or relevancy to the virus/illness.

Q: “Is it an influenza virus or some other virus?”
Again, a PCR test is not a test for influenza or any other virus. It is RNA/DNA test without its established or confirmed link to a specific virus.

Q: “In addition, can the PCR test distinguish between viruses?”
Of course not. PCR test is not for viruses, so it cannot differentiate between viruses.

Q: These are the two questions I have not been able to locate an answer to, and I would be grateful if you could provide clarification.

The reason for the lack of answers is that the PCR test belongs to the science of (analytical) chemistry. However, it is conducted and interpreted by others without appropriate training and knowledge of the subject. Therefore the PCR testing, as it is conducted now (i.e., for diagnosis purposes), must immediately be stopped as being irrelevant.

Another article which may be of interest in this regard would be (link)

(Video): Logical Conclusion – Invalid test, No Valid Results (Interviewed by Truth Summit)

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The future of drug dissolution testing

Before providing a suggestion for the future, one has to consider its present status. At present, it is clear that the drug dissolution testing (as we knew it) has died, as explained below.

If one would survey the literature of the past 15 to 20 years, one would quickly realize how active drug dissolution testing “science” was. It was presented as the frontier of modern science for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

The word science is used within quotes to emphasize that it has never been science but made-up or pseudo-science. If it had been audited by any standards-setting organization external to the pharmaceutical area or its associated regulatory authorities, including FDA and USP, it would have immediately been rejected being a pseudo or fraudulent scientific technique. Continue here

Health experts to the public: Please remain terrified – we desperately need it for our professional survival!

As of April 7, 2021, the Government of Ontario, Canada, like other regions in the world, enforced another lockdown with a stay-home order. The stated reason is that the number of “cases” (not infections, illness, hospitalization, or ICU occupancies) has increased above a magical number, and the projections look worrisome.

Unfortunately, the ongoing somewhat lenient lockdown failed to create enough fear in people to “behave.” Lack of presumed obedience has created a problem for maintaining the people’s “safety” (read people are not showing enough interest or trust for the experimental vaccines). Click here to continue.

COVID: Why are the issues with the virus isolation and PCR testing?

Isolation and testing belong to analytical (chemistry) subjects. Unfortunately, non-chemistry-related subject experts are doing this work and mistakenly labeled it as isolation and testing. This is where the problem is.

Scientifically speaking, the virus has never been isolated, and by extension, relevant and valid tests cannot be developed or have never been developed (link).

Non-chemistry/analytical (chemistry) science experts have difficulty understanding this issue, let alone solving it. Please seek help from the people in the areas of testing (analytical or chemical) science.

The issue is not as complicated as presumed or presented. Viruses and pandemics will disappear quickly.


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