De-aeration of dissolution medium: No funny explanations or justifications, please!

It is important to note that de-aeration may impact dissolution results, just like testing at different temperatures or rpms can provide different results. Seeing different results does not mean much. These observations are pretty much irrelevant and useless for the purpose dissolution testing. The requirement of de-aeration is irrelevant, just like that of conducting dissolution tests at a higher or lower temperature would be.

Dissolution tests should always be conducted under relevant experimental conditions considering the objective of the testing. For an appropriate dissolution testing, the media temperature should be maintained at 37 ºC and the dissolved gasses levels should be equilibrated at this temperature. Results obtained otherwise would be considered scientifically invalid and useless for the purpose of evaluation of quality (e.g. QC) of products for human use.

No funny explanations or justifications, please!

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