Why not obtain dissolution results from (slightly modified) assay and/or content uniformity testing? A simple and practical approach – Also, you will probably never need to develop and/or validate a dissolution method again.

For further details please see the following links:

  1. A Simple and Unique Approach for Developing and Evaluating Products (link)
  2. Assay and Content Uniformity (CU) based on dissolution testing (Poster Presentation). (link)

Some more relevant links:

  • The science of drug dissolution testing: Testers or apparatuses, experimental conditions and interpretation of results – A systematic approach for learning. (link)
  • Selecting a Dissolution Apparatus – Some Practical Considerations. (link)
  • Drug Dissolution Testing Using Simple and Common Experimental Conditions (link)
  • One Step (Product Evaluation) Approach (link)
  • Can a dissolution test be used for assay and content uniformity testing? Of course! (link)

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