Quality of pharmaceutical products – a quiz!

If one asks a physician and/or pharmacist inquiring whether a product prescribed is of quality; the response would be – sure. But why would it be of quality? The response would be, because it is approved by the regulatory authorities such as FDA, Health Canada and other national agencies as they assess and establish the “quality”.

Now ask the authorities the same question! Their response would be sure – because we use up-to-date knowledge and most elaborate manufacturing facilities assessment approaches for such. But the question is what is that “such”? Would you be able to equate or differentiate quality of two given “blinded products” from different manufacturers or generic vs brand name? Their answer most likely would be – well it is not that simple!

The reason being no one knows what a quality product is! It has never been defined hence cannot be determined and/or established. Period!

I have made some suggestions to address this unfortunate situation – please have a look here (1, 2) , or contact me for details at principal@pharmacomechanics.com.

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