Calling chemicals, and their composites, as “medicines” does not change their identity and/or nature!

They remain chemicals! Establishing and monitoring quality of these products, such as tablet/capsule, follow fundamental principles of chemical sciences. Currently, these principles are seriously ignored and/or violated under various non-scientific practices such as regulatory guidance/requirements and/or pharmacopoeial standards. Hence, the fact remains that no one is monitoring, or can monitor, quality of these products, no matter how or who presents/promotes it – claims would simply be false.

The manufactures do not have the freedom to manufacture quality products because they have to be in compliance with the irrelevant and non-GMP regulatory requirements and standards.

On the other hand, if “quality” of the products is defined with a measurable parameter which is surprisingly simple and straight forward, it will become much simpler and efficient to establish, monitor and manufacture quality pharmaceutical/medicinal products.

The following links (1, 2. 3. 4) provide some relevant references for further details in this regard.

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