Can we say?

  1. Flu came and gone!
  2. Why it was called a pandemic – not clear
  3. Discredited the bench top science – as disease state monitored with charts and their shapes (humpy or dumpy) with protocol/testing developed on the fly
  4. Discredited the medicines approval system with the approval of medicines without requiring established protocols
  5. Treatments could be suggested and implemented without having knowledge or expertise in the area of medicine.
  6. Exposed the great weakness, perhaps more accurately ignorance, of “science” at the authorities!
  7. Hope we learnt something not to repeat in future

(1)Coronavirus pandemic: Public/patients deserve better! (link)

(2)Authorities (including FDA) and pharmacopeias (including USP) never establish quality of products! (link)

(3) Is Coronavirus really causing abnormally higher number of deaths? (link)

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