Do FDA and USP lie? Of course, all the time!

For example:

FDA claims that it establishes and monitors quality of pharmaceutical products such as tablet and capsule. A lie – FDA neither defines quality of the products nor its measurable parameter hence it does not, or cannot, determine quality of the products.

FDA claims that it establishes safety and efficacy (as well as quality) of pharmaceutical products using valid clinical testing (e.g. bioequivalence assessment) and in vitro (drug dissolution) testing using USP apparatuses. A lie – these tests, along with associated testers, have never been validated for the intended purpose. In fact, these tests have been shown to be scientifically invalid and irrelevant for their intended purpose.

USP claims that it provides reference standards for establishing quality of the pharmaceutical products such as tablets and capsules. A lie – USP never provides reference standards for any product. It provides powder or liquid samples of pure chemical compounds, not the products which patients use, however falsely promotes as reference standards of medicines.

USP claims that it provides a valid analytical test for the assessment drug release characteristics of the products for establishing and monitoring quality of the products. A lie – the test has never been validated for the intended purpose. The test cannot determine drug dissolution/release characteristics of any product. It has been shown experimentally that the test provides irrelevant and highly unpredictable results/data with no relevance to product quality.

For more examples please visit here. Manufacturers and patients should be cautious in accepting such claims from FDA and USP as well as other national and international authorities which often follow FDA/USP claims and guidances.

Please consider accepting the Citizen Petition (under review with FDA for more than a year and a half, link) for addressing the underlying lies concerning products development, manufacturing and their regulatory approval.

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