Will therapeutics/vaccines be developed for COVID-19? Of course – but only fake ones!

A logical and scientific requirement for such (i.e. development of therapeutic/vaccine) is availability of a VALID analytical/clinical test to establish presence/absence of Corona virus (COVID-19). However, unfortunately at present, there is no such VALID method exists. Therefore, scientifically speaking, it is impossible to establish presence/absence of COVID-19 in humans with sufficient accuracy/specificity and by extension development of its treatment/cure either by pharmaceuticals or vaccine.

Media and bureaucracy can produce anything (virus as well as its treatment) out of thin-air that is a different story. If people like to believe in such stories then that is their problem.

Every test and/or testers come with calibration/validation certificate. Similarly COVID-19 test has to have calibration/validation based on parameters i.e. method validation data such as: (1) accuracy; (2) precision; (3) specificity; (4) references used to validate the method. It is a standard and normal practice/requirement for any analytical/clinical test. Unfortunately, this is missing, hence all the claims made about presence/absence of COVID-19, and/or its treatment/cure, MUST be considered unscientific or false.

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