COVID-19: Herd immunity – a deceptive target!

Experts and authorities consider that one of the solutions for ending the current pandemic is attaining natural herd immunity against the corona virus. Different percentages of populations have been suggested to attain the “required” herd immunity. Question is how this herd immunity would be measured and established. At present, usually two criteria are used to detect corona virus infection; (1) mostly by observing flue like symptoms and (2) chemical testing based on antibody and/or PCR (RNA/DNA) tests.

Obviously, if one gets immunity, one will not be showing symptoms of the infection, which is simply impossible because one can show symptoms because of any number of other ailments including flu. Secondly, immunity is checked or confirmed with the above mentioned tests which are known to be flawed and invalid and can easily show negatives against immunity. Therefore, under the current infection scenario public will always be CONSIDERED prone to infections and will remain in fear/isolation. This perhaps may be the objective here which happens to benefit both – the experts and some businesses. It should be important to note that at present detection and monitoring of virus (SARS-CoV2) and its associated disease or infection (COVID-19) remains speculative at least scientifically. This is something which needs to be considered in future for an appropriate and genuine solution by examining and auditing the underlying diagnosis practices and the science of virus testing.

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