COVID-19: “Pandemic” is ending – a need for better and relevant science and scientists for the future

Observing the discussions on the LinkedIn forums, it appears that there is much less activity and debate about the relevancy and credibility of the tests/testing. One can safely assume that it is generally being recognised and accepted now that testing or tests have been scientifically irrelevant, hence grossly misrepresented the presence of virus and/or spread of its associated infection/disease.

Certainly, there are reported “cases”, which really mean not much as they are reflection of PCR and/or antibodies tests. The “cases” are promoted as to represent virus and/or COVID-19 which scientifically speaking is a lie. The tests represent non-specific fragments of RNA/DNA or proteins not the virus or infection. In scientific terminology, tests have never been validated for the virus or infection. The reason this misrepresentation occurred is because the subject of testing (developing and validating tests) was dealt by people and disciplines unrelated to the area of testing resulting in disastrous damage to the societies and notoriety to the science. To protect from further damage the testing for the “cases” should immediately be stopped.

There is an urgent need for assigning appropriate experts and expertise for monitoring the virus and infections to avoid the spread of current and future false pandemics along with the associated hysteria and fearmongering.

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