Discussion on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its associated illness using scientifically invalid PCR test

As a part of a discussion on LinkedIn (link), I posted a response highlighting grievous misunderstanding and misinformation concerning the PCR test’s relevancy and scientific validity. My posted commentary appears missing from the forum, along with the concurrent disappearance of Dr. Daniel Goldstein’s numerous comments. I believe my analysis is valid and would be helpful to others for future discussions on the topic. The visitors of this blog may also find my post (below) useful as well.

Response to: Daniel Goldstein, MD (Professor & Vice Chairman, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Montefiore Health System), link

Please be nice and civil. If you do not respect yourself, consider respecting your profession and the organization you may be representing.

Thanks for pointing out the typo on my blog. I will go through it and will correct it if required. You may also suggest where you found the error specifically, which would be helpful. On the other hand, under discussion is the validation of the PCR test, which is not affected if my blog has some minor typos.

Regarding the post “blocked from LinkedIn” on my blog,  I do not consider it a bad thing but a good. Otherwise, I would not have put it there. As I have pointed out before, my views are not in line with current popular belief but are based on independent thinking, expertise, and analytical science experience. This aspect is missing from the present projected and promoted opinions.

Eléna Diakaki is following my work for some time. Based on my description of the issues (virus, testing, illness, pandemic, etc.), as I usually describe in a simple and mostly non-technical language, she, like many others, agrees with me, at least understands the issue well, and are questioning the popular view. If you do not agree with my perspective, or have a different opinion,  share your thoughts with supporting science and data in a simple language so that people can understand. There is no need for jumping up and down and shouting. You do not realize that your responses clearly show that you do not have anything valid in support of your argument, except telling just follow others like you are following.

Everyone is working to improve the health and happiness of people. You are not the sole custodian of this aspect. From my perspective, as it is a well-known and well-established fact that PCR tests are flawed and bogus (you may believe or say whatever you like), so the testing must be stopped immediately. The pandemic will disappear in a blink of an eye as well. People are getting labeled (diagnosed) incorrectly with this flawed test. Once the testing stops, patients come to the hospital, assess them accordingly and appropriately, having an open mind.

I hope you will consider the issue under discussion calmly and explain why you believe the PCR test a valid test. BTW, as I mentioned before, you might have difficulty in understanding the question, so please seek some help from someone knowledgeable in the testing area and validation of tests.

In the end, I would say that I may get blocked from LI again. People are and will be doing badmouthing. If that happens,  please reach me through my blog (www.drug-dissolution-testing.com). I will be happy to provide my opinion to you or anyone else to the best of my abilities.

Good luck

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