People are in great danger and need help!

I am probably the first one to describe the virus’s non-existence by critically reviewing the articles published from Australian and the USA (CDC) institutions. As expected, I got all the humiliating and insulting responses, basically stating that I am an idiot and have no understanding of the subject, making false claims, and spreading misinformation. I patiently listened, and politely responded to these responses.

I am starting to see people disappearing from such discussions now. They are probably embarrassed by their position and views. They were wrong, realizing that there is no virus (SARS-CoV-2) and, by extension, no COVID-19 pandemic.

I am correct, and they are wrong because the problem they are dealing with is not of medicine, virology, or epidemiology but chemistry. Virus isolation, characterization, testing, polymerization, and structure determination are part of chemical sciences or chemistry, and they have no training, even the basic one, in this subject. Given the opportunity, anyone with some reasonable chemistry expertise can find out about their false science and claims.

Their trickery could not be exposed earlier because; it was always kept within the bounds of their discipline, i.e., protection was provided by one another within the “group” – the so-called peer-reviewed process.

However, now inquiries are coming from outside. For example, show us that the (PCR) test is valid (a chemistry topic, they cannot answer withTHEIR “science”); show us the virus (chemistry topic, they cannot answer it with THEIR “science”).

They have no valid answers, except to follow the teachings or propaganda of their fad leaders. People are misdiagnosed with the virus, and its disease, which does not exist. Someone has to take responsibility for this mishap. They are doomed or soon to be.

I worry about the vaccination of the public imposed based on their false science and claims. The vaccine itself is a chemical compound, claimed to produce another chemical compound in the body that will then kill the virus (an unidentified virus, if and when it comes).

The vaccination of masses with chemicals to protect them from a virus, and its disease, which does not exist, is cruelty. At this stage, it is a pure and simple injection of potent chemicals, not adequately tested, into the human body. It is simply inhumane! I hope that somehow this process would be stopped before it is too late. Can someone, please God, help us in this regard? We, the people, are in great danger and need help!

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