Getting out of the coronavirus pandemic – legitimate and scientifically valid approach

People should realize that reducing the Ct (cycle threshold) of the PCR test, as some suggest, may reduce the number of test-positive results. This will certainly help reduce the so-called pandemic—a trickery approach to bring the pandemic under control that never existed in the first place.

However, the fact remains that the PCR test is scientifically invalid, no matter how low Ct value one would set. To have a valid test, it requires to meet four well establish validation criteria: (i) specificity; (2) selectivity; (3) reproducibility; and (4) use of independently characterized reference standard. The first three criteria cannot be met if the reference standard (the #4) is not available. If the claim is that the PCR test monitors the presence or absence of the virus. Then reference virus must be available in its pure form. On the other hand, if virus RNA or its fragment is to be monitored, RNA or its fragment must be available as the reference standard and positively shown to be extracted from the virus (further details here).

Considering that the tests or testing are based on confirming the RNA sequencing only from an aliquot of media/culture/isolate, hence is a valid test, is pure nonsense. Such tests have no relevance to the virus, illness, and pandemic monitoring, and these PCR tests must be stopped immediately and preferably withdrawing all related results/data as false. This will be the legitimate and scientifically valid approach for getting out of the pandemic state.

It is hoped that science will prevail.

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