This is not science but a propaganda war with fake science!

Science is simple and straightforward that dictates:

  • If the claim is made that virus exists, then the virus has to be shown in isolated and pure form in a test tube or vial, but it has not been shown – anywhere!
  • If a test is claimed to test the presence of the virus, then it must be shown experimentally that the test is validated to do its job – but it has not been shown – anywhere!
  • If illness/infection is claimed to be caused by the virus. It must be shown experimentally by administering the isolated and pure virus – but it has not been shown – anywhere!
  • If a vaccine is claimed to provide a cure by killing the virus, then a live virus without the vaccine, and the dead virus with the vaccine, must be shown experimentally – but it has not been shown – anywhere!

Hence there is no science anywhere!

Proceed accordingly to treat the “observed” symptoms, if any, with traditional, regular, and well-established approaches or treatments with the help of knowledgeable physicians. Make sure you understand that you are fighting two wars (1) against the illness/infection; (2) against the propaganda (misinformation and fake science) based on computer-generated tests, viruses, vaccines, and hysterical scenarios.

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Have faith!

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