“Science”-based healthy lifestyle (the year 2021)!

  • Stay indoors
  • Use restricted breathing with face masks
  • Apply copious amounts of pure chemicals (sanitizers)
  • Maintain distances from fellow humans
  • Avoid any physical interaction with friends and family, including hugging, talking, and laughing together, etc.
  • All communal soul-soothing (e.g., religious) activities should be considered super (evil) spreader and must be prohibited.
  • Consider meeting or seeing loved ones as non-essential
  • Must not have positive (PCR) test
  • Get injected with “lifesavers” (more pure chemicals)

One wonders if health authorities and experts have really studied anything about health and its care!

BTW: I took the picture some months ago, now such an activity would be considered non-essential and unhealthy and asked to be avoided.

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