COVID Virus: Isolate, isolated, and isolation – a picture is worth a thousand words

What is needed is an “isolated virus,” which is not available. Every claim without it (virus, PCR test, COVID, pandemic, vaccines, etc.) becomes irrelevant and false.

The pure isolated virus box is empty because the virus is neither available nor exists.

Added note:
The purpose is to clarify the confusion in the virology literature.

The virology literature uses the word “virus isolate” to represents the “isolated virus” as if chicken soup means chicken,” which is not correct. The “virus isolate” represents (mixture, soup, gunk) while “isolated virus” means a “pure component.”

The process of separating a pure component from the soup or gunk is called “isolation” or extraction. As the pure “isolated virus” is not available, the virus’s isolation step has never been done.

I hope this clarifies the picture and the message it is trying to convey.

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