Are medical professionals trained and qualified scientists? Not really!

The disastrous social and economic outcomes of health authorities’ reaction in controlling the pandemic and projected deaths are well known now. The spread and campaign of inciting fear in public have been intense and continuous – all in the name of achieving public health and safety.  Authorities continue with their draconian measures, with the advice from medical professionals and experts laced with slogans of following scientific principles and practices.

On the other hand, the current situation raises questions about the legitimacy and correctness of medical professionals’ claims concerning science.

This article provides an argument that medical professionals never gained education and training to conduct scientific research and experimentation. The lack of expertise in science appears to have resulted in false claims about the virus’s existence, isolation, spread and illness, and the development of treatment such as vaccines. It is suggested that in the future, such an issue should be handled by academically trained scientists in relevant fields such as chemistry, especially analytical chemistry.

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