Virus (SARS-CoV-2) origin discussions – a clever approach for hiding the scam

It appears that the current media indulgence with finding virus origin is not related to the public health policy or benefit but to divert the attention from the fake story of the virus existence. The news or debate about the virus’s origin is indirectly establishing the view that the virus exists. However, science provides no evidence of the existence or presence of the virus.

No scientist or “medical expert” worldwide has provided any valid evidence supporting the existence of the virus. It is a well-known fact that the virus (a ball with spikes) is an imaginary and computer-generated artifact, not physically found in a patient, laboratory, or specific geographical area. Therefore how could its origin be determined – it cannot be. The media discussion legitimizes the virus’s presence so that its fear in public should continue and the recommended “treatment” could be promoted.

A more appropriate focus of the discussion or probe should be that if the virus never existed, what have “medical/health scientists” been doing for the past many years with all their “work” and money/grants they received for the virus or the virology work?

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