COVID-19: Science has not been followed

Claims vs. reality or facts!

  1. The virus has been isolated – not correct. The virus has never been isolated. (link)
  2. The virus caused the COVID-19. No scientific or experimental evidence has been provided in support of this claim. (link)
  3. The test detects or monitors the virus or infections. Not correct. The test has never been scientifically validated for the intended purpose. (link)
  4. Masks protect from the virus – not valid. There is no scientific evidence available showing that the masks provide protection – none! (link)
  5. Social distance provides protection. No scientific or experimental support is available in support of this claim. (link).
  6. Vaccines are efficacious – not correct. No therapeutics or treatments have been tested (scientifically or experimentally) against the virus. (link)
  7. For further details, see here (link) or (link).

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