Science at the authorities – tests which do not test!

If scientists and health care professionals, including physicians and pharmacists, at the regulatory authorities had paid attention to false testing practices and requirements for pharmaceuticals, current pandemic would never have happened. Basis of virus and pandemic is “testing” developed and implemented by experts with no or limited expertise in the area of testing resulted in false conclusions and declaration of the virus just like persistence false claims about the quality (by extension safety and efficacy) of the approved and marketed pharmaceuticals (1, 2).

It is impossible to get out this situation until analytical science (testing) and its principles are allowed to be followed. Fearmongering and censorship have always been tried like at present to protect the status quo and the “experts” however they always fail – so will be this time as well.

Consider conducting testing based on relevant and true scientific principles.

COVID-19: “Pandemic” is ending – a need for better and relevant science and scientists for the future

Observing the discussions on the LinkedIn forums, it appears that there is much less activity and debate about the relevancy and credibility of the tests/testing. One can safely assume that it is generally being recognised and accepted now that testing or tests have been scientifically irrelevant, hence grossly misrepresented the presence of virus and/or spread of its associated infection/disease.

Certainly, there are reported “cases”, which really mean not much as they are reflection of PCR and/or antibodies tests. The “cases” are promoted as to represent virus and/or COVID-19 which scientifically speaking is a lie. The tests represent non-specific fragments of RNA/DNA or proteins not the virus or infection. In scientific terminology, tests have never been validated for the virus or infection. The reason this misrepresentation occurred is because the subject of testing (developing and validating tests) was dealt by people and disciplines unrelated to the area of testing resulting in disastrous damage to the societies and notoriety to the science. To protect from further damage the testing for the “cases” should immediately be stopped.

There is an urgent need for assigning appropriate experts and expertise for monitoring the virus and infections to avoid the spread of current and future false pandemics along with the associated hysteria and fearmongering.

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Update: The restriction has been lifted. Thankfully!

It appears that currently, LinkedIn is under the heavy influence of anti-science and anti-logic voices, which are very strong and loud. Therefore, the restriction may be reinstated. Thank you for your support through this brief but stressful and frustrating period. I strongly believe that science will win soon over the current hoopla and nonsensical claims of THE virus testing.

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COVID-19: Herd immunity – a deceptive target!

Experts and authorities consider that one of the solutions for ending the current pandemic is attaining natural herd immunity against the corona virus. Different percentages of populations have been suggested to attain the “required” herd immunity. Question is how this herd immunity would be measured and established. At present, usually two criteria are used to detect corona virus infection; (1) mostly by observing flue like symptoms and (2) chemical testing based on antibody and/or PCR (RNA/DNA) tests.

Obviously, if one gets immunity, one will not be showing symptoms of the infection, which is simply impossible because one can show symptoms because of any number of other ailments including flu. Secondly, immunity is checked or confirmed with the above mentioned tests which are known to be flawed and invalid and can easily show negatives against immunity. Therefore, under the current infection scenario public will always be CONSIDERED prone to infections and will remain in fear/isolation. This perhaps may be the objective here which happens to benefit both – the experts and some businesses. It should be important to note that at present detection and monitoring of virus (SARS-CoV2) and its associated disease or infection (COVID-19) remains speculative at least scientifically. This is something which needs to be considered in future for an appropriate and genuine solution by examining and auditing the underlying diagnosis practices and the science of virus testing.

Face-masks and COVID-19 – scientific reality!

During the current pandemic crisis, use of face-masks has been promoted as a protective gear to halt or reduce the transfer of the virus (coronavirus such as SARS-CoV2) from individuals to individuals. Public has strong trust in experts and their organizations in particular government ones, hence assumes that the suggestions and claimed made by the experts and authorities must have merit and scientific basis. Unfortunately, this is not the reality. In addition, authorities claim and promote that they rely on science and factual data in providing their recommendations which is also not a correct statement either at least scientifically.

Considering the usefulness of wearing face masks, an extremely simple laboratory experiment can be conducted in support of authorities’ claim. For example, one can build and use a two-chamber container separated by mask holder (as shown in the picture) providing air flow with virus from one side to the other. By sampling both sides of the chamber and measuring the amounts of virus one can easily determine virus holding capability of the mask or any other filtering media. However, no such experiment has either been reported or planned to be conducted.

The reason being, such an experiment requires some quantity of actual virus and a test method to determine quantity of the virus. Note that there would not be any requirement of human subjects, i.e. no human toxicity or safety concerns. This would be a very simple high school or undergraduate level laboratory testing which could be done within days. However, this is where the problem is! Experts do not tell the public that both of these, i.e. actual virus and a valid test to monitor the virus, are NOT available. Obviously this will collapse the whole virus and pandemic issue because public will know or question that if there is no actual virus and/or its valid test available, then what are the basis of claiming existence of the virus and/or its associated disease (COVID19). There will not be any answers!

Similarly this simple laboratory experiment, potentially completed within days without human exposure to the virus, can be devised to establish sanitizers use, hand washing and social distancing. However, none of these experiments can be conducted either because they all require a valid test and/or reference virus sample.

In short scientists and experts should not promote the usefulness of wearing masks and other related trivial precautionary practices without having scientific evidence/support creating unwarranted fearfulness in public along with false sense of safety. On the other hand, certainly, scientists and experts may start losing their own professional credibility.

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