Crescent-Shaped Spindles – Now Available

A New Crescent-shaped Spindle for Drug Dissolution Testing—But Why a New Spindle? (Link).

Crescent-shape spindle: Facts sheet (Link)

Advantages of using the crescent shape spindles for drug dissolution testing (Link)

The following links are for the short video clips demonstrating comparative operations of the paddle and the crescent-shape spindles.

Using a disintegrating tablet: Paddle and Crescent-shape spindle

Using a non-disintegrating tablet: Paddle and Crescent-shape spindle

Note: Dimensions may appear slightly distorted

On-site training/demonstration can be arranged. Post-graduate/doctoral fellows who are interested in using the crescent-shaped spindles for their on-going research projects may request samples.

For further information and purchase inquiries please contact by sending an email to ( or call at: 1-613-797-9815.

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Crescent-Shaped Spindle

Now Available
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