COVID Virus: Isolate, isolated, and isolation – a picture is worth a thousand words

What is needed is an “isolated virus,” which is not available. Every claim without it (virus, PCR test, COVID, pandemic, vaccines, etc.) becomes irrelevant and false.

The pure isolated virus box is empty because the virus is neither available nor exists.

Added note:
The purpose is to clarify the confusion in the virology literature.

The virology literature uses the word “virus isolate” to represents the “isolated virus” as if chicken soup means chicken,” which is not correct. The “virus isolate” represents (mixture, soup, gunk) while “isolated virus” means a “pure component.”

The process of separating a pure component from the soup or gunk is called “isolation” or extraction. As the pure “isolated virus” is not available, the virus’s isolation step has never been done.

I hope this clarifies the picture and the message it is trying to convey.

The science of medicines is not science at all – virus monitoring and vaccine developments confirmed it

Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an intense debate about the legitimacy of the pandemic, the existence and isolation of the virus, and perhaps more importantly, the development and relevancy of vaccines. This article provides a critical view highlighting the potential cause of the debate. It is argued that the practice of medicines is mistakenly also considered the science of medicines. It is further argued that there is no such thing as the “science of medicines” but a twisted and falsified version of the actual science – chemistry. Considering the pandemic and related topics as noted above and applying principles of chemistry, it would immediately be apparent that pandemic and its associated issues have no logical and scientific basis. (Continue here)

Vaccines and the virus in four sentences

Further information (1, 2)

“Science”-based healthy lifestyle (the year 2021)!

  • Stay indoors
  • Use restricted breathing with face masks
  • Apply copious amounts of pure chemicals (sanitizers)
  • Maintain distances from fellow humans
  • Avoid any physical interaction with friends and family, including hugging, talking, and laughing together, etc.
  • All communal soul-soothing (e.g., religious) activities should be considered super (evil) spreader and must be prohibited.
  • Consider meeting or seeing loved ones as non-essential
  • Must not have positive (PCR) test
  • Get injected with “lifesavers” (more pure chemicals)

One wonders if health authorities and experts have really studied anything about health and its care!

BTW: I took the picture some months ago, now such an activity would be considered non-essential and unhealthy and asked to be avoided.

This is not science but a propaganda war with fake science!

Science is simple and straightforward that dictates:

  • If the claim is made that virus exists, then the virus has to be shown in isolated and pure form in a test tube or vial, but it has not been shown – anywhere!
  • If a test is claimed to test the presence of the virus, then it must be shown experimentally that the test is validated to do its job – but it has not been shown – anywhere!
  • If illness/infection is claimed to be caused by the virus. It must be shown experimentally by administering the isolated and pure virus – but it has not been shown – anywhere!
  • If a vaccine is claimed to provide a cure by killing the virus, then a live virus without the vaccine, and the dead virus with the vaccine, must be shown experimentally – but it has not been shown – anywhere!

Hence there is no science anywhere!

Proceed accordingly to treat the “observed” symptoms, if any, with traditional, regular, and well-established approaches or treatments with the help of knowledgeable physicians. Make sure you understand that you are fighting two wars (1) against the illness/infection; (2) against the propaganda (misinformation and fake science) based on computer-generated tests, viruses, vaccines, and hysterical scenarios.

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Have faith!


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