COVID-19: Science has not been followed

Claims vs. reality or facts!

  1. The virus has been isolated – not correct. The virus has never been isolated. (link)
  2. The virus caused the COVID-19. No scientific or experimental evidence has been provided in support of this claim. (link)
  3. The test detects or monitors the virus or infections. Not correct. The test has never been scientifically validated for the intended purpose. (link)
  4. Masks protect from the virus – not valid. There is no scientific evidence available showing that the masks provide protection – none! (link)
  5. Social distance provides protection. No scientific or experimental support is available in support of this claim. (link).
  6. Vaccines are efficacious – not correct. No therapeutics or treatments have been tested (scientifically or experimentally) against the virus. (link)
  7. For further details, see here (link) or (link).

Virus (SARS-CoV-2) origin discussions – a clever approach for hiding the scam

It appears that the current media indulgence with finding virus origin is not related to the public health policy or benefit but to divert the attention from the fake story of the virus existence. The news or debate about the virus’s origin is indirectly establishing the view that the virus exists. However, science provides no evidence of the existence or presence of the virus.

No scientist or “medical expert” worldwide has provided any valid evidence supporting the existence of the virus. It is a well-known fact that the virus (a ball with spikes) is an imaginary and computer-generated artifact, not physically found in a patient, laboratory, or specific geographical area. Therefore how could its origin be determined – it cannot be. The media discussion legitimizes the virus’s presence so that its fear in public should continue and the recommended “treatment” could be promoted.

A more appropriate focus of the discussion or probe should be that if the virus never existed, what have “medical/health scientists” been doing for the past many years with all their “work” and money/grants they received for the virus or the virology work?

Are medical professionals trained and qualified scientists? Not really!

The disastrous social and economic outcomes of health authorities’ reaction in controlling the pandemic and projected deaths are well known now. The spread and campaign of inciting fear in public have been intense and continuous – all in the name of achieving public health and safety.  Authorities continue with their draconian measures, with the advice from medical professionals and experts laced with slogans of following scientific principles and practices.

On the other hand, the current situation raises questions about the legitimacy and correctness of medical professionals’ claims concerning science.

This article provides an argument that medical professionals never gained education and training to conduct scientific research and experimentation. The lack of expertise in science appears to have resulted in false claims about the virus’s existence, isolation, spread and illness, and the development of treatment such as vaccines. It is suggested that in the future, such an issue should be handled by academically trained scientists in relevant fields such as chemistry, especially analytical chemistry.

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COVID Virus: Isolate, isolated, and isolation – a picture is worth a thousand words

What is needed is an “isolated virus,” which is not available. Every claim without it (virus, PCR test, COVID, pandemic, vaccines, etc.) becomes irrelevant and false.

The pure isolated virus box is empty because the virus is neither available nor exists.

Added note:
The purpose is to clarify the confusion in the virology literature.

The virology literature uses the word “virus isolate” to represents the “isolated virus” as if chicken soup means chicken,” which is not correct. The “virus isolate” represents (mixture, soup, gunk) while “isolated virus” means a “pure component.”

The process of separating a pure component from the soup or gunk is called “isolation” or extraction. As the pure “isolated virus” is not available, the virus’s isolation step has never been done.

I hope this clarifies the picture and the message it is trying to convey.

The science of medicines is not science at all – virus monitoring and vaccine developments confirmed it

Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an intense debate about the legitimacy of the pandemic, the existence and isolation of the virus, and perhaps more importantly, the development and relevancy of vaccines. This article provides a critical view highlighting the potential cause of the debate. It is argued that the practice of medicines is mistakenly also considered the science of medicines. It is further argued that there is no such thing as the “science of medicines” but a twisted and falsified version of the actual science – chemistry. Considering the pandemic and related topics as noted above and applying principles of chemistry, it would immediately be apparent that pandemic and its associated issues have no logical and scientific basis. (Continue here)


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