Health experts to the public: Please remain terrified – we desperately need it for our professional survival!

As of April 7, 2021, the Government of Ontario, Canada, like other regions in the world, enforced another lockdown with a stay-home order. The stated reason is that the number of “cases” (not infections, illness, hospitalization, or ICU occupancies) has increased above a magical number, and the projections look worrisome.

Unfortunately, the ongoing somewhat lenient lockdown failed to create enough fear in people to “behave.” Lack of presumed obedience has created a problem for maintaining the people’s “safety” (read people are not showing enough interest or trust for the experimental vaccines). Click here to continue.

COVID: Why are the issues with the virus isolation and PCR testing?

Isolation and testing belong to analytical (chemistry) subjects. Unfortunately, non-chemistry-related subject experts are doing this work and mistakenly labeled it as isolation and testing. This is where the problem is.

Scientifically speaking, the virus has never been isolated, and by extension, relevant and valid tests cannot be developed or have never been developed (link).

Non-chemistry/analytical (chemistry) science experts have difficulty understanding this issue, let alone solving it. Please seek help from the people in the areas of testing (analytical or chemical) science.

The issue is not as complicated as presumed or presented. Viruses and pandemics will disappear quickly.

(Video) COVID-19: An online discussion with Dr. Andrew Kaufman (USA) and Kamala Taris (Czech Republic)

(Today) I had an opportunity to discuss PCR testing related to its deficiency/invalidity as a test. Also discussed was the lack of scientific merit of the virus’s isolation, vaccine development, etc. I hope that you will find the discussion informative and useful.

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Contacts and further information:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman:

Kamala Taris:

Resetheus Association (Return to Essential Scientific Ethos and Transparency, link, link)
Expert Statement on SARS-CoV-2 Testing (in Czech. link)
SOVI (in Czech, link)

COVID-19: Question more!

For further reading:

Does anyone have the following virus/COVID-related information? Please share.

A reference or link:

  1. of having seen or possessing a pure virus’s physical specimen, not an isolate or a picture of a mixture/gunk (commonly referred to as cell culture).
  2. To an experimental/scientific study showing that the suggested vaccines kill the virus in humans. A physical sample of the dead-virus in the presence of a vaccine or its derivative.
  3. Showing that face-masks (any type) stop or significantly reduce the virus’s passage (in or out). The study must include a virus sample (not droplets or aerosols only as a virus substitute).

Dear scientists, experts, and authorities, please help. These should be easy questions to answer with all the fundings you have obtained and claims you made. Otherwise, what is the point?

PS: FYI, the answer is, such links or studies do not exist.


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