Assessing drug dissolution characteristics using product dependent methods is simply unscientific and invalid practice.

Evaluating dissolution characteristics of different products (e.g. IR and ER) using different methods is like measuring temperatures of a drink and meal/bread using two different scales with a justification that they have different contents and/or are prepared differently. Bizarre!

It is hard to believe that in this day of age, we are to follow such unscientific, illogical and invalid reasoning and practices.

If two different temperature scales (or thermometer scales) are to be used to monitor temperatures of drink and meal/bread, then how will one establish which one is hotter/colder than the other?

Similarly, if dissolution/release characteristics of different products are to be measured using two different scales (in this case methods, in particular product specific methods), then how will one know which one is of faster release and which one is slower release type?

In conclusion, using the current practices of dissolution testing one never determines the dissolution/release characteristics of any product. For appropriate testing, it is essential to have single and product independent tester and/or method.

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