Confusion about IVIVC and predicting plasma drug levels

[As part of a discussion on the LinkedIn Network group (Pharmacokinetics), I posted the following response. For the interest of those who do not participate in the LinkedIn Network, or the particular group, I am posting the response on this blog as well. I hope that you will find the post useful.]

Thanks again Simon: [Simon’s post is attached at the end of my response]

I do not think we are going in circles, but in my opinion, you are either not following my point or avoiding it. Let me explain it another time.

“The aim of IVIVC is to Predict in vivo behavior from in vitro data.” This is incorrect. As the name (or “C”) implies, it is not a prediction exercise, but exercise in developing a correlation. For IVIVC, one has to have in vitro (i.e. dissolution) data as well as in vivo (plasma drug levels) data, and to relate them. No prediction what so ever.

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