Compliance does not necessarily equate to quality

Quality has to be defined and measured independently. At present, as definition of the quality of a (pharmaceutical) product, such as tablet/capsule, is not available thus it cannot be measured and/or established (link).

Consider attending the upcoming seminar to learn how quality of a pharmaceutical product can easily be defined and then how it can be measured efficiently and scientifically (link).

Necessary knowledge of physiology, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutics or modelling/simulation can be acquired or learned with an amazing simplicity. In addition, scientifically valid dissolution results can be obtained with ease which can easily be transferred to plasma drug levels, without involving in vitro-in vivo correlation (IVIVC) step.

Focusing on defining quality and then establishing it by measuring its parameter which will lead to simple, efficient and cost effective product development and manufacturing practices, with significantly reduce regulatory burden.

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