Dissolution method development: Perhaps the most wasteful of all the current practices!

There are about 500+ dissolution methods listed in the FDA database and about 600+ methods (monographs) in the USP. In addition to these, there are many more, perhaps in the hundreds, dissolution methods described in literature. Moreover, as part of new product development exercises, it is a common and expected practice to develop additional new or revised methods.

It may be interesting to note that the objective of drug dissolution testing has never been to develop methods, but to determine/estimate drug dissolution/release characteristics of products. By developing drug and/or product specific dissolution tests, one in fact would never know or determine the actual dissolution characteristics of any product. The current practices of method development simply defeat the purpose of products evaluation.

For products evaluation, one requires a test/method which is independently developed and established. Therefore, current practices of method developments are not only scientifically invalid and useless but also a waste of time and resources.

The use of the crescent shape spindle, with a common set of experimental conditions, is suggested to address the current difficulties. The suggested approach not only practically eliminates the need for method developments, in particular product dependent, but also provide a scientifically sound and valid drug dissolution testing and product evaluation approach (e.g. see link, link2).

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